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Vocal Music

E = Easy · ME = Moderately Easy
M = Medium · MA = Moderately Advanced · A = Advanced

Titlesort descending Poet/Lyricist Instrumentation Level Listen

* Nature Creature (CD/mp3)

Songs on being alive in this world, with all its beauty and complexity
Lyon ~ Ignatow ~ Moore ~ Ammons ~ Erdrich ~ White ~ Hafiz

Voice, cello, piano

Various https://seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/sites/seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/files/Track%202%20-%20The%20Meadow%20Doesnt%20Know%20About%20the%20Stock%20Market%20%28excerpt%29.mp3

A Garret of Old Playthings

Five Carl Sandburg songs, full of wistfulness, gumption and glee
Carl Sandburg

High voice, piano


A Love Like That (individual song)

A tender ballad of unconditional love
Hafiz / Daniel Ladinsky

Low voice, piano
Medium voice, piano
High voice, piano

M https://seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/sites/seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/files/Track%208%20-%20A%20Love%20Like%20That%20%28excerpt%29.mp3

A Love Like That: Songs of Unconditional Love

Five songs embodying generosity, grace and awe
Silsbee ~ Emerson ~ Hafiz ~ Alexander ~ White

Low voice
Medium voice
High voice


Be Grateful, My Soul

A passionate testament to life's worth, even in times of darkness
Norbert Čapek

SSSAA choir OR
SSSAA quintet

ME https://seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/sites/seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/files/works_variant_audio_files/Be%20Grateful%20My%20Soul%20-%20Vassar%20College%20Women%27s%20Choir%20-%20Christine%20R%20Howlett%20conductor%20-%20excerpt_0.mp3

Die Gedanken Sind Frei

A centuries-old protest song, recast with wit and defiance
16th c. German protest song / Elizabeth Alexander

SATB, piano OR
Alto voice, baritone voice, piano

ME https://seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/sites/seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/files/works_variant_audio_files/recording-die_gedanken_sind_frei_duet.mp3

Even the Stars Will Wonder

Songs of longing, loss and love
Rose Ausländer

Soprano, chamber orchestra

A https://seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/sites/seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/files/samples/so_many_corners-movement_3-love.mp3

Go Out! (Concert-Length Work)

A poetic and fiesty tribute to Liberal Religion and Freedom of Thought
Centuries of Strong-Minded People

A variety of vocal
& choral forces

Various https://seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/sites/seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/files/works_variant_audio_files/recording-go_out_0.mp3


A reflection on the mystery and bounty of grace
Elizabeth Alexander

Low voice, piano
Medium voice, piano
High voice, piano

ME https://seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/sites/seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/files/works_variant_audio_files/recording-grace_low_voice.mp3

I Write This Poem Out Of Darkness

An isolated poet offers words of struggle and connection to her imagined readers
George Ella Lyon

SSA choir, flute, violin, piano
SSA trio, flute, violin, piano

MA https://seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/sites/seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/files/works_variant_audio_files/i_write_this_poem_out_of_darkness.mp3

I’ll Tell You A Story, then…

A pensive journey of discovery, about what it means to be fully human
Nancy White

Low voice, piano
Medium voice, piano
High voice, piano

M https://seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/sites/seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/files/works_variant_audio_files/ill_tell_you_a_story_then_low_voice.mp3


A historic decree of tolerance is celebrated with Eastern European vigor
Edict of Torda / King John Sigismund III

SSA choir
SSA trio


My Aunt Gives Me a Clarinet Lesson

A spirited musical fantasy for all ages
Gregory Djanikian

Soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion

A https://seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/sites/seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/files/samples/my_aunt_gives_me_a_clarinet_lesson.mp3

Nature Creature (musical score)

Songs on being alive in this world, with all its beauty and complexity
Lyon ~ Ignatow ~ Moore ~ Ammons ~ Erdrich ~ White ~ Hafiz

Low voice, piano, cello (opt.)

MA https://seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/sites/seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/files/recording-tree_song-mackenzie_ultan_alexander.mp3

No One Gets A Program

A sassy take on a wise old saying
Dutch proverb / Elizabeth Alexander

2 medium voices, piano

M https://seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/sites/seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/files/samples/recording-no_one_gets_a_program..mp3

No Other People's Children

A song of healing, affirming the belovedness of all people
Elizabeth Alexander

1-4 part choir, soloists, piano
(opt. congregational singing)

E https://seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/sites/seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/files/works_variant_audio_files/recording-no_other_peoples_children.mp3

Oath Taking

A passionate and soulful plea for integrity in all things
Opal Palmer Adisa

High voice, piano

M https://seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/sites/seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/files/samples/oath_taking.mp3

On the Edge of the Water

An allegory of life's beauty, transience and continuity
Elizabeth Alexander

Low voice, piano

M https://seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/sites/seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/files/samples/recording-on_the_edge_of_the_water.mp3

Sleep Song

Musings on the nature of a sleeping child
Ann Silsbee

Low voice, piano
Medium voice, piano
High voice, piano

ME https://seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/sites/seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/files/works_variant_audio_files/sleep_song_high_voice_1.mp3

So Many Corners

Seven songs of longing, loss and love
Rose Ausländer

Soprano, piano OR
Soprano, orchestra


The Eternal One

A tender portrait of the divine
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Low voice, piano
Medium voice, piano
High voice, piano


The Gospel Isn’t Written In the Bible Alone

An expansive embrace of the sacredness of all creation
Elizabeth Alexander

Low voice, piano
Medium/high voice, piano


The Meadow Doesn’t Know About the Stock Market

A sparkling tribute to the meadow's timeless wisdom
George Ella Lyon

low voice, piano, optional cello

M https://seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/sites/seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/files/Track%202%20-%20The%20Meadow%20Doesnt%20Know%20About%20the%20Stock%20Market%20%28excerpt%29.mp3

This is What Democracy Looks Like

A rally-ready protest song licensed through Creative Commons
Elizabeth Alexander

Unison voices

E https://seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/sites/seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/files/works_variant_audio_files/recording-this_is_what_democracy_looks_like.mp3

Trouble in a Minnesota Town

A town's wild descent into madness — and mangoes!
Neal Bowers

Low voice, piano
Medium voice, piano

MA https://seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/sites/seafarerpress.advantagelabs.com/files/samples/trouble_in_a_minnesota_town.mp3

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