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Tomorrow, God Willing

A buoyant a cappella riff on humility, gratitude and second chances
Garrison Keillor
Commissioned by Perfect Harmony Mens' Chorus / Ian W. Riddell & Ken Forney

Singers get to revel in every aspect of this pithy text, with earnestness, joy, vitality, a nod to close harmony, and a whisper of prayer.

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Excerpt from "Lake Wobegon" monologue

Excerpt from Monologue by Garrison Keillor

We do the best we can.  We do the very best we can, and tomorrow, God willing, we get to wake up and try again.

Composer's Note: 

When Perfect Harmony Men’s Chorus asked me to write a new piece in honor of their 10th Anniversary, I gave some thought to the setbacks, successes, perseverance, joy and blind faith which the past decade had surely offered them.  In response to this, I proposed an unconventional text: a short quote by Garrison Keillor, with which he ended one of his weekly monologues on A Prairie Home Companion.

As Keillor’s story unfolds, the main character is unexpectedly presented with a challenging life situation, and he finds he has no idea how to respond.  Looking back at the end of the day, he realizes he didn’t handle the situation with a great deal of grace — in fact he dealt with the situation rather clumsily — but he is not sure what he could have done differently.  Weary and disoriented, he reminds himself that this challenge will still be here tomorrow, and that — like it or not — he will undoubtedly be offered many more chances to figure out how to deal with it.  Keillor leaves the listener in mid-quandary, holding out this simple, universal blessing:

"We do the best we can.  We do the very best we can, and tomorrow, God willing, we get to wake up and try again."

Reviews and Responses: 

"I say without exaggeration that this is one of the most FUN pieces to sing I have encountered of the more than 200 pieces we have rehearsed and presented onstage.  Tomorrow, God Willing is just a wonderful example of how compelling the contemporary composition scene is at this time.  Thank you, Ms. Alexander."  Christopher Whitney, Singer, Cordus Mundi (New Hope, PA)


Premiere: Perfect Harmony Men's Chorus / Ian Riddell (Madison, WI)
Cordus Mundi / Rick Rosen (Doylestown and Solebury, PA)
Perfect Harmony Men's Chorus / Ian Riddell (Madison, WI)
Perfect Harmony Men's Chorus / Ian Riddell. GALA Choruses Festival 2008 (Miami, FL)
Stetson University Men's Chorus / Peter Durow (Leesburg and Deland, FL)

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