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Three Inventions

Three imaginative “inventions” – mechanical, optical and subatomic
Commissioned by Genevieve Jones and Carol Chilton

Each "invention" in this colorful 10-minute work reflects a physical or mechanical action.

Synchrotron (Gear-Shifter)" features two different musical "gears," one in each piano.  Prism (Light-Splitter) emulates a prism, but instead of dividing the light spectrum into six colors, the twelve pitches of the chromatic scale are divided between the two pianos.  The final movement, Synchrotron, or Superconducting-Supercollider (Atom Smasher) contains two aspects of its mechanical namesake: movement outward from a central point, and (what else?) some vigorous atom smashing.

With its driving rhythms and sparkling colors, Three Inventions is a showpiece for two pianists with a playful sense of ensemble.

I. Synchromesh (Gear-Shifter)
II. Prism (Light-Splitter)
III. Synchrotron, or Superconducting-Supercollider (Atom-Smasher)

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Look Listen Instrumentation/Voicing Duration Level Item Price Quantity Piano duo (2 pianos) - Full Score
10'00" A SEA-045-00 $10.00
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Genevieve Jones and Carroll Chilton ~ University of Wisconsin-Madison   * PremiereMarc Peloquin & Roberto Hidalgo
Chris Cooley and Shi-Hwei Choo ~ Florida State New Music Festival (Tallahassee, FL)
David Malloy and Tara Rueger ~ Ohio University (Athens, OH)
Marc Peloquin and Roberto Hidalgo ~ Mostly Women Composers Series (New York City, NY)
Trevor Stephenson and Elizabeth Alexander ~ Music for a Summer Evening Concert Series (Madison, WI)
Winbourne-Shaw Duo ~ Society of Composers, Inc. Conference (Oshkosh, WI)


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