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Capturing the fluidity, sparkle and winding path of water
Commissioned by Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra & Saint Paul Central High School / Joseph Schlefke & Matthew Oyen

"Maji" takes its name and inspiration from the Swahili word for water; its Arabic root "ma" means not only "water," but also "luster or splendor," often in reference to a diamond.

True to its etymological root, "Maji" opens with sparkle, but — mirroring its fluid namesake — this bright beginning soon takes a more winding path, creating an ever-changing flow of shimmering movement.

Item Instrumentation/Voicing Duration Level Audio Peruse Delivery Method (Print vs. Digital) Price Quantity
SEA-079-00 Orchestra (2222, 2421, 3 perc, timp, pno, strings) - Full Score
13' M Sheet Music $40.00
SEA-079-01 Orchestra (2222, 2421, 3 perc, timp, pno, strings) - Instrumental Parts (rental)
13' M Sheet Music $0.00
Composer's Note: 

maji  \mah'-jee\ n. [Swahili] water

This word captured my imagination at once: there, in two short syllables, was a word which held both the beauty of water, and the suggestion that it is as precious as a jewel.

In my orchestral portrayal of this magical living substance, each musical idea flows into the next naturally but unpredictably:  picture a small creek in which water gurgles and bubbles, creates swirling eddies, shimmers from within its still surface, widens into a slow deep pool, and then suddenly rushes into a narrow channel.  This image of flowing, continuous movement is Maji's guiding principle; indeed, whenever musical themes make reappearances — just as in Heraclitus' ever-changing river — they are never the same twice.


Premiere: Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra / Joseph Schlefke (St. Paul, MN)
Saint Paul Central High School Orchestra / Matthew Oyen (St. Paul, MN)

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