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Into the Silent Darkness

An atmospheric work praising the mystery of Creation
Richard S. Gilbert
Commissioned by Joyce and Richard S. Gilbert
Honorable Mention in the Vincent Brown Silliman Competition

This atmospheric work praises the mystery that is Creation itself, in all of its fathomless power and beauty. This unforgettable meditation culminates in cascades of whispered alleluias.

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SEA-088-01F SATB, violin, piano - Violin Part
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Into the Silent Darkness

Poem by Richard S. Gilbert Adapted by Elizabeth Alexander

The Beyond from which we come
Is hidden in dark moist mysteries of primeval mud
And the silence between the stars,
Dwells in the recesses of the soul,
Beckons us into a wilderness,
Reveals itself at its own bidding.
From its vast complexity
Arises simple ecstasy.

We go forth in fear and faith,
Knowing not what we will find —
We sing our alleluias into the silent darkness,
To the Beyond from which we come.


Premiere: Unity Singers of Unity Church-Unitarian / Ruth Palmer (St. Paul, MN)
Choir of Arlington Street Church / Mark Buckles (Boston, MA)

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