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Go Out! (Individual Song)

A rousing song of commission with a message of inclusion and love
John Murray (as rendered by Alfred S. Cole)

Preaching a gospel of religious tolerance and unconditional love, the message of early American minister John Murray (1741-1815) is as relevant and refreshing today as it was during his own time. Alfred S. Cole’s oft-quoted rendering of Murray’s universalist gospel, with its “anti-hellfire-and-brimstone” message, is beloved by people of many faiths all around the world.

Elizabeth Alexander brings her Appalachian roots and inventive ear to this rousing song of commission, with sweet gospel harmonies, a soulful piano accompaniment, and an overlay of fierce compassion.

Note: This is the title song of the concert-length work Go Out!, a poetic and feisty tribute to liberal religion and freedom of thought

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Go Out

Text by Alfred S. Cole as inspired by Rev. John Murray

Adapted by Elizabeth Alexander

Go out into the highways and by-ways
And give the people something of your new vision.

You may possess only a small light, but uncover it and let it shine.
Use it to bring more understanding to the hearts and minds of men.

Give them not Hell, but hope and courage.
Do not push them deeper into their despair,
But preach the kindness and the everlasting love of God.

Reviews and Responses: 

"I love this piece.  I'm also just tickled that you’ve found a way to set this text – such a classic, with obvious selling points, but so tricky to do well.  You nailed it."  Jason Shelton, Music Director, First Unitarian Universalist Church (Nashville, TN)


Premiere: Choir of First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville / Jason Shelton (Nashville, TN)
Arizona Unitarian Universalist Choral Festival / Elizabeth Alexander (Chandler, AZ)
Arizona/Nevada Unitarian Universalist Choir Fest / Kellie Walker (Chandler, AZ)
Choir of Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church / Dale Churchill (Portland, ME)
Choir of Arlington Street Church / Mark Buckles. Ordination of Rev. Rebecca Froom (Boston, MA)
Choir of Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church / Henry Sgrecci (Bethesda, MD)
Choir of Countryside Church Unitarian Universalist / Jeff Hamrick (Palatine, IL)
Choir of First Parish in Needham / Irina Georgieva . Installation of Rev. Catie Scudera (Needham, MA)
Choir of First Unitarian Church of Chicago / Jeff Hamrick (Chicago, IL)
Choir of First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia / Jen Hayman (Philadelphia, PA)
Choir of First Unitarian Church of Portland, OR / Mark Slegers (Portland, OR)
Choir of First Unitarian Universalist Church of Des Moines / Moira Leu (Des Moines, IA)
Choir of First Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston / Jason Oby (Houston, TX)
Choir of First Unitarian Universalist Church of Richmond / Diane Woodruff (Richmond, VA)
Choir of First Unitarian Universalist Church of Rochester / Joe Mish (Rochester, MN)
Choir of First Unitarian Universalist Society in Newton / Ann Watson Born (Newton, MA)
Choir of Hillsboro Unitarian Universalist Church / Susan Peck (Hillsboro, OR)
Choir of Holston Valley UU / Teresa Sandoval (Gray, TN)
Choir of Peoples Church / Jennifer Drake (Kalamazoo, MI)
Choir of Plymouth Congregational Church / Sonja Thompson (Minneapolis, MN)
Choir of Seoseong Church / Samuel Choi (Daegu, SOUTH KOREA)
Choir of Shawnee Mission Unitarian Universalist Church / Dave Simmons (Lenexa, KS)
Choir of the Unitarian Univeralist Church of Phoenix / Connie Jahrmarkt (Phoenix, AZ)
Choir of Unitarian Church of Los Alamos / Nylea Butler-Moore (Los Alamos, NM)
Choir of Unitarian Universalist Church of Brookfield / Ruben Piirainen (Brookfield, WI)
Choir of Unitarian Universalist Church of Grand Traverse / Kevin Tarsa (Traverse City, MI)
Choir of Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashua / Jed Holland (Nashua, NH)
Choir of Unitarian Universalist Church of the South Hills / Carol Karl. Pittsburg Unitarian Universalist Cluster Assembly (Pittsburgh, PA)
Choir of Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Hillsboro, OR / Alison Wilski (Hillsboro, OR)
Choir of Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta / Donald Milton III (Atlanta, GA)
Choir of Unity Church-Unitarian of Saint Paul / Ruth Palmer (St. Paul, MN)
Choir of UU Church in Brunswick / Heidi Neufeld (Brunswick, ME)
Choir of UU Congregation of Monmouth County / Louise Chernosky (Lincroft, NJ)
Choir of Valley Unitarian Universalist Church / Kellie Walker (Chandler, AZ)
Choir of West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church / Dave Blazer (Rocky River, OH)
Choirs of First Parish of Sudbury & UU Church of Reading / Debra Morris-Bennett & Mary Cunningham (Sudbury, MA)
General Assembly Choir. Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly (Providence, RI)
Jason Shelton, tenor and Elizabeth Alexander, piano. Unitarian Universalist Musicians Network National Conference (Madison, WI)
MDUU Festival Choir / Beth Dion. Unitarian Universalist Mountain Desert District Conference (Ogden, UT)
Sunnyhill Adult Choir of the Unitarian Universalist Church of South Hills / Carol Karl. UU Pittsburgh Cluster Assembly (Pittsburgh, PA)
Walden Hill Vocal Ensemble / Joe Mish (Rochester, MN)

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