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Before the Bread

Illustration from "The Little Red Hen"
by Florence White Williams, 1918.

A canonic setting of a traditional English blessing
English folk prayer

This traditional English blessing is set to music as a lyrical canon, celebrating the cycle of planting, growth and harvest.  With its arching melody suggesting the limitless bounty of the world, this piece is a welcome addition to celebrations of gratitude and thanksgiving.

Vocal Ranges:
SATB: upper voices: g#-e" ~ lower voices: G#-e'
2-4 treble choir: b-g" (all parts)

Look Listen Instrumentation/Voicing Duration Level Item Price Quantity
2 or 4-part treble choir a cappella - Choral Score
3'00" ME SEA-023-00 $1.50
Sheet Music
2 or 4-part treble choir a cappella - Choral Score
3'00" ME SEA-023-00D $1.00
Licensed PDF
SATB a cappella - Choral Score
3'00" ME SEA-023-01 $1.50
Sheet Music
SATB a cappella - Choral Score
3'00" ME SEA-023-01D $1.00
Licensed PDF

English folk blessing

Before the bread the mill,
Before the mill the grain,
Before the grain, the sun and rain,
The beauty of God's will.

Program Notes / Performance Notes: 

     First Universalist Society of Hartland Four Corners
/Patrcicia Talbot
          Hartland Four Corners, VT)   * Premiere

     Camerata Singers of Muskegon / Floyd Farmer (Muskegon, MI)
     Choir of First Baptist Church of Ithaca / Christopher Morgan Loy (Ithaca, NY)
     Choir of First Presbyterian Church of Richmond, VA / Suzanne Riehl (Richmond, VA)
     Choir of Richfield United Methodist Church / Elizabeth Alexander  (Minneapolis, MN)
     Choir of Saint James Episcopal Church of Richmond / Virginia Whitmore (Richmond, VA)
     Choir of Unitarian Church of Charleston / Martha Welch (Charleston, SC)
     Choir of Unitarian Universalist Society of Wellesley Hills / Ekaterina Anoshkin (Wellesley Hills, MA)
     Choir of Unity Church-Unitarian / Ruth Palmer (Saint Paul, MN)
     Waldon Hill Vocal Ensemble / Joe Mish ~ First Unitarian Universalist Church of Rochester (Rochester, MN)

     Children’s Choir of First Unitarian Church
/ Jennifer Haywood (Ithaca, NY)   * Premiere
     Bethlehem Children's Festival Choir / Joy Hirokawa (Bethlehem, PA)
     Boston Children's Chorus / John Hancock Hall (Boston, MA)
     Children's Choir of First Parish in Lexington / Mary Neumann (Lexington, MA)
     Evanston Children’s Choir / Kate Ulett (Evanston, IL)
     WomanKind Retreat Singers / Virginia Whitmore (Richmond, VA)

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