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Allegro Mischievioso

Cover illustration by Elena Volkova.  Licensed by Dreamstime.

A delightfully impish scherzo

This exuberant scherzo revels in harmonic and rhythmic surprises, with engaging interplay between violist and pianist. Well-crafted for a student at the "Suzuki Book 3" level who is looking for a fun, contemporary piece to compliment the traditional Suzuki repertoire.

Look Listen Instrumentation/Voicing Duration Level Item Price Quantity Viola, piano - Full Score
2'00" ME SEA-066-00 $7.00
Sheet Music Viola, piano - Full Score
2'30" M SEA-066-00D $4.00
Licensed PDF
Viola, piano - Viola Part
2'00" ME SEA-066-01 $1.50
Sheet Music
Viola, piano - Viola Part
(Click on PDF icon to download part)
2'00" ME SEA-066-01D $0.00
Free PDF
Composer's Note: 

Composed as a present for my son Oliver, this piece was really a present to myself as well, for I loved every minute of playing it with him!


Oliver Alexander-Adams and Elizabeth Alexander ~ National Conference of UUMN (Madison, WI)   * Premiere





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