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Those Who Wish To Sing Always Find a Song

The joy of "tra-la-la" (In nine languages!)
Commissioned by Farmington High School Friends of Music / Scott Campbell
Swedish proverb

This rhythmically engaging song based on a Swedish proverb, features singing syllables (vocables) from around the world, including such gems as “tra-la-la-le-ru-la,” “la déri don,” “ay dam tarradam,” and “su-de-rut-tan-tei.”

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"Those who wish to sing always find a song" - Swedish proverb

Su-de-rut-tan-tei  (Sweden)
Tyr-a-li, tyr-a-lo  (Ireland)
Ay dam tar-ra-dam  (Russian Gypsy)
Ho-la-li, ho-la-ho  (Germany/Scandinavia)
Fad-de-rul-lan-dei  (Norway)
Yang-a nang-a hey-o naa  (Southwestern Native American)
La dé-ri don la  (France)
Ten-nen-ni, ten-nen-nen-ni  (Turkey)
Tra-la-la-le-ru-la  (Italy)

Composer's Note: 

Just exactly how does one say "tra-la-la" in Turkish?
When I began searching for singing syllables from around the world, I had no idea the task would prove to be so fascinating.  For several months I carried on a correspondence with choral directors and linguists from around the world, who offered me singing syllables - also known as vocables - as well as guidance on pronunciation and usage, relevant books and articles, and their encouragement.  Some syllables are from very localized dialects, while others are from wider regions.  To my helpers everywhere, thank you so very much!
(Answer: ten-nen-ni)


Farmington District Elementary Choirs /Scott Campbell (Farmington, CT)   * Premiere
All-County Women's Choir / Nancy Krestic (Chatauqua, NY)
Amadeus Chorale / Darla Bair (Rochester, NY)
Amherst Bel Canto Choir / Marjorie Bohn (Silver Creek, NY)
ANIMA Singers / Emily Ellsworth (Chicago, IL)
Angelica Cantanti Children's Chorus / Ann Schrooten (Bloomington, MN)
Coro Giovanile / Joan Yakkey ~
     International Children's Choir Festival (Dresden, GERMANY)
Evanston Children’s Choir / Kate Ulett (Evanston, IL)
New Jersey Children's Choir / Carol Richardi (Upper Montslair, NJ)
South Dakota Elementary Honors Choir / Ann Schrooten ~ South Dakota State University (Brookings, SD)
Springfield Children's Chorus / Kayla Werlin  ~ Amherst College (Amherst, Brookline & Springfield, MA)
Traverse City Central H. S. Vocal Majority / Wendee Wolf-Schlarf ~
     Michigan Music Conference (Grand Rapids, MI)

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