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Spring Grass

"It Was Worth the Wait" by Madeleine Stamer.  Used by permission of the artist.  See more of Madeleine's art at Little Circus Design

The first dance of spring: tweedle-dum and fiddle-dee-dee!
Commissioned by Festival Choir of Madison / Eric Townell
Winner of the Brookline Chorus Composition Competition
Carl Sandburg

Celebrate spring and the return of life! Opening with an earnest longing for the first grass of spring, this dance grows ever more playful, eventually breaking into an exuberant frolic of la-la’s, doodah’s and fiddle-dee-dee’s.

Spring Grass is the final movement of Spring Revels.

This piece is included on the full length CD, Finally On My Way To Yes, which may be ordered below.  Individual tracks may be downloaded at the following online stores:

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4'00" MA SEA-006-03 $3.00
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4'00" MA SEA-006-03D $2.25
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Spring Grass

Poem by Carl Sandburg

Spring grass, there is a dance to be danced for you.
Come up, spring grass, if only for young feet.
Come up, spring grass, young feet ask you.

Smell of the young spring grass,
You're a mascot riding on the wind horses.
You came to my nose and spiffed me.
This is your lucky year.

Young spring grass just after the winter,
Shoots of the big green whisper of the year,
Come up, if only for young feet.
Come up, young feet ask you.

Composer's Note: 

In 1982, I wrote a sprightly, mischievous solo song on this delicious Carl Sandburg poem.  Twelve years, two babies, and six Wisconsin winters later, I saw another musical possibility for this poem!  More longing.....and ultimately, more play!


Spring Revels (complete work):

Cayuga Vocal Ensemble / G. Roberts Kolb ~ Cornell University (Ithaca, NY)   * Premiere

Broadmoor Chamber Singers / Becca Kenneally (Natick, MA)

Brookline Chorus / William Cutter (Brookline, MA)

Chamber Singers of Iowa City / Martin Dicke (Iowa City, IA)

CoroAllegro / Jack Warren Burnam (Wilmington, DE)

Hamilton College Choir / G. Roberts Kolb (Venues in NY, OH and IL)

Harmonium Choral Society / Anne Matlack ~
     Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival (Waterloo Village, NJ)

Harmonium Choral Society / Anne Matlack (Madison, NJ)

South Bend Chamber Singers / Nancy Menk ~ Saint Mary's College (Notre Dame, IN)

Spring Grass:Festival Choir of Madison

Festival Choir of Madison - Eric Townell, conductor (Madison, WI)





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