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Imaginary Dances

"Three Dancers" by Chris Carter
Used by permission of the artist
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Five whimsical dances, from "Cappuccino" to "Cakemarch"

This dance suite for prepared piano duet was inspired by Bach's French Suites and Partitas — but its whimsical nature is belied by the titles of the individual movements!  From the high-energy rumblings of "Cappuccino" to the haunting resonance of "Water Ballet," this 10 minute set of character pieces is as delightful as it is colorful.


I. Cappuccino
II. Tin Pan Waltz
III. Water Ballet
IV. Cakemarch
V. Oh! Courante

Once you get the hang of it, the time required to prepare the piano is 10-12 minutes.

Look Listen Instrumentation/Voicing Duration Level Item Price Quantity Prepared piano, 4 hands - Full Score
10'00" MA SEA-048-00 $12.00
Sheet Music


Christopher Morgan Loy and Elizabeth Alexander
(Ithaca, NY)   * Premiere

Anatoly Larkin and Elizabeth Alexander
Studio Z (Saint Paul, MN)




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