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Fun (or Funny)

E = Easy · ME = Moderately Easy
M = Medium · MA = Moderately Advanced · A = Advanced

Titlesort descending Poet/Lyricist Instrumentation Level Listen

...or a musician

A mercurial musing on music’s mysterious source
Philip Dacey

SATB, orchestra


Allegro Mischievioso

A delightfully impish scherzo

Viola, piano


Being Who You Are

A lighthearted romp affirming individual differences (with a touch of Shakespeare)
Elizabeth Alexander

SA, piano,
& misc. percussion


Caterpillars Crawl

A humorous look at the daunting act of "going out on a limb"
Elizabeth Alexander

SA children's choir, piano


Children, Go Where I Send Thee

A vibrant "call and response" arrangement of this enduring favorite
African-American Spiritual

SA children's choir, soloist, piano


Die Gedanken Sind Frei

A centuries-old protest song, recast with wit and defiance
16th c. German protest song / Elizabeth Alexander

SATB, piano OR
Alto, baritone, piano


Dragon Dance

Reflections on a Chinese dragon's many feet, with a "Partner Song" finale
Elizabeth Alexander

SA, piano



Five musical miniatures inspired by the infinite variety of fractals

Bassoon, piano


Give Me a Laundry List (and I'll set it to music)

A lighthearted spin on Rossini's famous boast
Giaocchino Rossini / Elizabeth Alexander

SATB a cappella
SSAA a cappella


If You Can Walk You Can Dance

A contagiously joyful Latin dance song
Zimbabwean proverb

SAB, piano, claves
SATB, piano, claves
SSA, piano, claves
TBB, piano, claves



A sonic experience of jumping, falling, and flying!
Ray Bradbury

SSA, narrator, string quartet


My Aunt Gives Me a Clarinet Lesson

A spirited musical fantasy for all ages
Gregory Djanikian

Soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion


No One Gets A Program

A sassy take on a wise old saying
Dutch proverb / Elizabeth Alexander

2 medium voices, piano


Only a Couple Fishes

An animated retelling of the Loaves and Fishes story, with "generosity" at its core
Elizabeth Alexander

2-4 part children's choir, piano


Same Birds

A sassy frolic about deep listening, the cry of existence, and a congregation of rowdy birds
David Allan Evans

SATB a cappella


Sue Loves Butter

An exuberant toast to friendship, fun, and everyone's favorite comfort food
Elizabeth Alexander

SSA, piano


The One-Handed Creeper

A "creepy" piece for left hand alone

Piano solo for left hand


They Have Freckles Everywhere

Seven wildly diverse portraits of our bodies' amazing parts
Elizabeth Alexander

SSAA, piano


Trouble in a Minnesota Town

A town's wild descent into madness — and mangos!
Neal Bowers

Low voice, piano
Medium voice, piano


Why I Pity the Woman Who Never Spills

A gutsy, sensual song in praise of messy women
Joan Wolf Prefontaine

SSAA a cappella


Why I Sing

A sweet and funny ode to song, for singers and their trusty pitch pipes
Elizabeth Alexander

SATB, 6 pitch pipes


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