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Children (S, SA, SSA)

E = Easy · ME = Moderately Easy
M = Medium · MA = Moderately Advanced · A = Advanced

Titlesort descending Poet/Lyricist Instrumentation Level Listen

* Finally On My Way To Yes (CD/mp3)

Performances by 10 diverse choruses
10 Poets & 2 Proverbs



A Palette To Paint Us As We Are

A moving tribute to our skins' true colors
Gerald Rich

SSA, piano
SATB, piano


Before the Bread

A canonic setting of a traditional English blessing
English folk prayer

SATB a cappella
SSSS a cappella


Being Who You Are

A lighthearted romp affirming individual differences (with a touch of Shakespeare)
Elizabeth Alexander

SA, piano,
& misc. percussion


Beware the Winter Settlin' In

Irish midwinter merrymaking, full of welcome and cheer
Elizabeth Alexander

SATB chorus, Celtic band, and children's choir (opt.)


Caterpillars Crawl

A humorous look at the daunting act of "going out on a limb"
Elizabeth Alexander

SA children's choir, piano


Children, Go Where I Send Thee

A vibrant "call and response" arrangement of this enduring favorite
African-American Spiritual

SA children's choir, soloist, piano



A sweeping embrace of all heart-opening things: poems, mistakes, rain...
Dawna Markova

SSA, cello, piano


Dragon Dance

Reflections on a Chinese dragon's many feet, with a "Partner Song" finale
Elizabeth Alexander

SA, piano


Hear Us, O Never-Failing Light

Mozarabic Easter Eve blessing

2, 3 or 4-part chorus


Holy One, Source of Radiance and Reason

A canonic, universal invocation to the Holy
Rob Eller-Isaacs

2-5 part canon OR
SSATB a cappella


If You Can Walk You Can Dance

A contagiously joyful Latin dance song
Zimbabwean proverb

SAB, piano, claves
SATB, piano, claves
SSA, piano, claves
TBB, piano, claves


Infant Holy, Infant Lowly

An intimate arrangement of a Christmas favorite
Polish carol / Elizabeth Alexander

SSA a cappella



A sonic experience of jumping, falling, and flying!
Ray Bradbury

SSA, narrator, string quartet


May This Be a Working Alleluia

A "roll up your sleeves" embrace of gratitude, work, healing and joy
Elizabeth Alexander

S children's choir, SATB, piano, flute (opt.), 2 trumpets (opt.)


Only a Couple Fishes

An animated retelling of the Loaves and Fishes story, with "generosity" at its core
Elizabeth Alexander

2-4 part children's choir, piano


Songs of Youth

An exploration of the thrill (and impatience!) of growing up
Elizabeth Alexander

SAB, piano, vibraphone (opt.)
SSA, piano, vibraphone (opt.)


The Earth Called To My Friend

A song of memorial that heartily embraces the vitality of life
Nancy Wood

SSA, piano


Things That Go Bump in the Night

A courageous and funny journey from dusk to dawn
Elizabeth Alexander

SA, piano, flute
SATB, piano, flute


Those Who Wish To Sing Always Find a Song

The joy of "tra-la-la" (In nine languages!)
Swedish proverb

SSA, oboe, piano


To Make a Prairie

A delicate setting of Dickinson's timeless poem about dreams and creation
Emily Dickinson

SSA, piano


We Lift Up Our Hearts

A prayer of thanks, simple and true
Richard Fewkes

S (children's choir), SATB, piano


Where There Is Light In the Soul

A rich affirmation of Light, Beauty, Harmony, Honor and Peace
Chinese proverb

SAB a cappella
SATB a cappella
SSA a cappella
TTB a cappella


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